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Follow video content from around Asia Society’s global offices and the Asia Society Policy Institute. Featuring experts from around the world, these panel discussions analyse the ramifications of China’s policy decisions domestically and on the international front.

Inside China

Watch videos covering internal economic and political developments within China.

Making Sense of the Chinese Communist Party’s Pivotal 6th Plenum

Asia Society President and CEO Kevin Rudd joins Christopher K. Johnson, president and CEO of the China Strategies Group, for a conversation on what the plenum means for the political future of China and of its powerful leader, Xi Jinping.

‘Xi Jinping Thought’: China’s Post-Communism Ideology

Professor Steve Tsang discusses the core tenets of “Xi Jinping Thought,” what they tell us about how China’s leadership thinks about its role in the world, and how the ideology shifted from a strategy of “peaceful rise” to one of “uninterrupted rise,” with Asia Society Switzerland’s Nico Luchsinger.

China’s Evergrande: What Are the Implications?

Following introductory remarks from Asia Society President Kevin Rudd, Senior Partner of Cornell Capital Henry Cornell joins Rudd and Asia Society Policy Institute Vice President Wendy Cutler for a discussion about Evergrande, a Chinese property giant whose financial problems may have implications for the global economy.

Kevin Rudd on China’s New Economic Approach

Asia Society President and Asia Society Policy Institute (ASPI) President Kevin Rudd delivers an address on China’s shifting economic approach under President Xi Jinping before participating in a Q&A with ASPI Vice President Wendy Cutler.

China and the World

Watch videos covering China’s foreign policy and international relations.

Analyzing the Biden-Xi Summit: What’s Next for U.S.-China Relations?

Asia Society Policy Institute experts analyze Monday’s virtual summit between U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Participants include Kevin Rudd, Asia Society Policy Institute and Asia Society president; Asia Society Policy Institute Vice President Wendy Cutler; and Asia Society Policy Institute Vice President for International Security and Diplomacy Daniel Russel.

Great Power Politics: The Biden Administration and China

A panel of experts including Lingling Wei, Ryan Hass,  Michael H. Armacost and Yasheng Huangdiscuss the current state of U.S. and China relations. Topics discussed include the economic impacts of the relationship, challenges faced by Chinese President Xi Jinping, and what lies ahead for the future of U.S.-China relations.

Stacking the Deck: China’s Influence in Digital Rules Setting

Asia Society Policy Institute Vice President Daniel Russel and Assistant Director Blake Berger discuss their new report on China’s push to set global technology standards with Mary Kay Magistad, associate director of Asia Society’s Center on U.S.-China Relations.

Five Dimensions of China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Danny Russel, vice president for international security and diplomacy at the Asia Society Policy Institute (ASPI), gives a keynote address about the five dimensions of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Russel addresses mixed attitudes towards the BRI, China’s strategy and technological developments as a result of BRI, and the current state of U.S.-China relations.

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